About Sleepless in Dubai



About The Podcast

The Sleepless in Dubai Podcast is an engaging and informative podcast that delves into the fascinating world of sleep, wellness, and lifestyle. Get ready to upgrade your playlists from Thursday 30 November 2023.

Co-hosted by Julie Mallon, founder of Nurture 2 sleep recognised as the Middle East’s Leading Sleep Expert and Laura Buckwell, international EMCEE and journalist extraordinaire, the podcast promises listeners a series of captivating episodes with leaders in healthcare, education, hospitality, mountaineering plus regional influencers to  some of Dubai’s very own “A” listers including DJ Bliss, Fozaza and My Fash Diary.

Sleepless in Dubai is set to unveil the secrets of sleep, wellness and lifestyle, providing a VIP pass to waking up to a rejuvenated self..

Proudly sponsored by Mirabelle Communications, a distinguished global advertising and marketing agency known for pioneering campaigns, this podcast promises a fresh perspective on various aspects of sleep.

Tune in to Sleepless in Dubai on Youtube, Apple iTunes, Anghami or Spotify - your gateway to understanding the profound impact of sleep on our lives.

About The Host

Julie Mallon

Julie is a highly-qualified professional with over 30 years of experience, previously a Nurse, Midwife, and Health Visitor (UK), an author of the recently launched children’s book “Where is Blue Bird?” and podcast host of ‘Sleepless in Dubai’ plus actress in the award-nominated documentary “ In a Heartbeat.”

She is Qualified both as a Gentle Sleep Coach and a Sleep Consultant with the international Parenting and maternity insights.

Julie is known as the Middle East’s Leading Sleep Expert and a regular speaker on Dubai Eye 103.8 FM ‘Sleep Clinic’ and her work has been featured in many regional publications such as The National, Gulf News and as a contributing writer to Madame Magazine.

Julie takes every opportunity to discuss and promote good sleep hygiene and the benefits of a good night’s sleep. As a clear authority in the field of healthy sleep practice, she is in high demand to speak at industry events such as the US Sleep Symposium in North Carolina 2022, the prestigious Leadership School in Armenia, the Children’s Mental Health Symposium in Ireland and local wellness events such as DIFC’s Inspire Events for Dubai Fitness Challenge, Irish Business Council and the Baby Expo 2024

About The Host

Laura Buckwell

Dubai-based, British national Laura Buckwell is a an industry event EMCEE, moderator and former TV news anchor. Throughout her time, Laura has interviewed many high profile CEO’s, personalities, entrepreneurs and government bodies.

As a prominent figure within the events industry. Laura enjoys hosting high profile industry platforms, including the 18th Session for UNIDO, the FII Riyadh, the Global Smart Energy Summit, Hypermotion and the Future Sustainability Summit to name a few.

Laura has had the privilege of introducing global leaders to the stage including Presidents, Ministers, and UN officials. Awards nights are also a forte, from the BBC Good Food Awards for 5 years running to the Emirates Woman Awards, Laura continues to be booked for prestigious gala dinners, recognizing different segments of society and industry.

Laura is currently contributing to Euronews in Dubai as a broadcast journalist, helping tell the emirate’s stories across the current affairs landscape.